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Posted on April 22, 2011

R-ONE KAT-TUN #244 PART 1 (Maruda Conversation)

Translation credits to: kattunsaikou of kattunlove community

U: Hello, this is Ueda Tatsuya

N: Good evening, this is Nakamaru Yuichi

U: Smiley Radio, Go! Show! Ha! It’s the #244 ep!

N: Rocket Start Corner!

[A 500 yen silver coin from Year Showa 64 ** came out from the vending machine. Seems like Year Showa 65 only had 7 days.] 

** Year Showa 64 is from Jan 1 to Jan 7 1989. From Jan 8 onwards, it’s considered as Year Heisei

N: So Ueda kun, is tonight’s rocket able to start?

U: maaa…able to

N: I get it, let’s start tonight’s show!

U: KAT-TUN’s Ueda Tatsuya &

N: Nakamaru Yuichi


N: isn’t it amazing?

U: what is? say it again

N: you weren’t listening?

U: (laughs)

N: say it if you aren’t listening!


N: it’s that a 500 yen from Year Showa 64 came out from the vending machine

U: 500 yen…so, what about the silver coin?

N: ah silver coin…arei?

U: it’s becoming fewer now right?

N: ah yes yes that’s right

U: seems like in the past there were a lot of those kinds, I had them too

N: they were from year showa 64? there were a lot of 10 yen coins too

U: yes yes, those with serrated edge.** 

(** the 10 yen coins made in 1951 to 1958 have serrated edge)

N: ah, 10 000 yen..i think it’s during Shotoku Taishi period? It was very long ago do you know about it?

U: uh? don’t know

N: when we were born it was still Shotoku Taishi right? probably… ( i think he meant that when they were born the 10 000yen notes still have the face of shotoku taishi, i mean it’s impossible for them to be born in the same era O.O)

U: uhhh

N: aren’t you amazed? won’t you feel like “it’s amazing, this is a thing of the past!”

U: iya…i won’t make a fuss over such small things..

N: really? but it’s amazing!

U: uhhh

N: recently i’ve been thinking with amazement that “till now they still exist?!”

U: ehh

N: wa…not interested at all!


N: and like 2000 yen notes etc they still have right

U: yes yes

N: those are not very common

U: ‘cos they are not very needed, the 2000 yen notes

N: honestly speaking…

U: there isn’t any place to use them

N: about that, I gotta say that initially there was a period when people tried to make it more common. When I got it I did use the 2000 yen notes and the taxi driver even looked at it twice

U: thinking “what’s this?”

N: like “eh?!”

U: there isn’t anymore right..

N: nope there still is

U: still have?

N: but it’s slowly disappearing

U: probably 1000, 5000 and 10 000 yen are the best, the shop owner will think that way too when giving back change

N: yup. anyway, the date has already changed to December, there’s only 1 more month left this year

U: isn’t it very fast? a while ago still felt that you’ve just entered 2010 and not it’s already near countdown 

N: oh, time to get New Year’s gift money

U: keke indeed one will think of that ne

N: then let’s play a song. last week was Neetman, so this week let’s play GIRLS

U: go ahead

N: is it okay?

U: yup

N: then please listen to GIRLS

[Ueda and Nakamaru disussion corner]

[Recently Nakamru kun said that he’d like to chat with people from the gaming industry. I used to be the designer for the editorial department of a Famitsu. (N: WHAT?!) When Nakamru kun was interviewed in the famitsu, i read it and Nakamaru kun said that he likes “Neighborhood Association”** and “Message Board” sections. As the editor for these sections, I like them too and I feel very happy and nostalgic. Btw, when I entered the editorial dept it was the Virtua Fighter 1 period, and when I left it’s during FFonline period. I didn’t know KAT-TUN back then when i was in the editorial dept, but after resigning and getting married, I became a fan and even went to watch the Tokyo Dome concert this year. Now i’m not involved in any work related to gaming, I’ve also never played before the Metal Gear game that Nakamaru mentioned, but as an editor it’s fun to see people play them.] 

** it’s the direct translation of 町内会, i think it’s a segment in the magazine? and Famitsu is a line of japanese video game magazines. 

N: received this kind of letter!

U: ohh

N: ne ne, the “Neighborhood Association” and “Message Board” were super interesting! Did you know that? 

U: i do i do 

N: i like that the most! you can send in entries, like interesting jokes etc and if they are used, you’ll receive a Gavas

U: keke i’ve heard you say this before!

N: arei? I did?!

U: i’ve heard before the Gavas thing

N: i’ve sent in a lot of entries. have you sent in any before?

U: i’ve only sent in before once about Jump (i think it’s dragon ball?)

N: ah, so you’ve sent before?

U: the Jump one was because I thought after reading it they’ll definitely think that it’s interesting

N: will definitely think that way right? but in fact it’s probably not interesting at all

U: yup yup

N: i’ve also sent in about Jump before. ah what joke did you send in?

U: totally can’t remember it (laughs)

N: i still remember it! it’s a 4 box comic strip, about Jump, I thought that it’s funny so I sent it over. I was confident about my drawing so in secondary i drew a comic strip of Vegeta (Dragon ball) playing bowling and after it was thrown the ball got spoilt

U: (laughs) so lame!

N: totally not used at all. at that time i was a bit affected, like “it’s not published…”, “what if it was published?”

U: (laughs)

N: indeed still a child

U: uhh

N: maa, did such things before

U: looking at it now it seems really lame right

N: super lame, but at that time i really thought it was the best


N: ahh…remembered it..

U: (laughs)

N: as boys..i think the rate of doing such things is very high, or at least minds such things

U: because sometimes it’s really interesting, felt that it’s so amazing and you can also get a prize

N: can get (a prize)

U: that’s right

N: yes yes


[Translation] R-ONE KAT-TUN #244 PART 2 (Maruda conversation)

Translation credits to: kattunsaikou of kattunlove community

[Recently Nakamaru kun has been gathering people from the gaming industry, so this is the first time that I’m writing in. I work at the gaming company’s location of development, my job is a background designer. (U: wait, can you not be so excited when saying this? N: sorry sorry, it’s amazing!) It’s a job from designing the background of the games to completing it. A while ago we’ve even developed a Wii game, but sadly it’s not the Metal Gear game that Nakamaru kun likes. I look forward to your new single and continue to work hard!] 

N: it’s here! Background designer

U: for games? That is to say she’s someone who designs background for games right?

N: yup! The backgrounds nowadays are really awesome!

U: i know

N: To think about it the Famicom (Nintendo Family Computer) was still 10, 15 years ago right, less and less people are playing it

U: There isn’t anything that can be used right

N: that’s right! so with nowhere to play it there also isn’t such (background designing) technique right

U: it bloomed in the blink of an eye 

N: no matter how many times I look at the background I’ll still feel impressed. Even for the games now

U: respond one by one? Like when playing games you’ll say “the background is really amazing!”

N: yup yup yup

U: gross…

N: it’s not gross!

U: (laughs)

N: you’re very disrespectful to background designers!

U: indeed (laughs)

N: you…they’re using all their might to produce it

U: complete the stages one by one

N: really really, this is not joking

U: but if play together we might get angry, for example like this

N: a one player for instance for Metal Gear I’ll use binoculars to view the characters. For Snake i’ll often use the binoculars to zoom in and out to see

U: the scenery?

N: see scenery (laughs)

U: (laughs)

N: really really, feel that it’s amazing

U: (laughs) not because you need to find something, but because the scenery is good?

N: really! they are well-made

U: ah…the background designers must be really happy to hear such words, but honestly there are very little of such people right, guys who only focus on the background images

N: no, definitely have more! this generation there are a lot

U: but it’s not everyone right, at the most there are only 20 to 30 percent

N: no no, i don’t think that it’s a minority

U: it’s a minority definitely a minority


U: even Taguchi is also not as fascinated by the backgrounds as you

N: recently have you seen the graphics of Yuka…Mizutamari and such? (sorry I’ve no idea what he’s referring to, probably some characters in an anime/manga etc?)

U: nope (laughs)

N: you will be very impressed

U: feel that it’s very amazing?

N: uh

U: but the movies and such were really amazing

N: that’s why

U: the game is just like the movie right?

N: yup! the games nowadays have changed the definition of games

U: maa..that’s really amazing, isn’t that good?

N: what is?

U: what is? (laughs)

N: how did you arrive at a conclusion so easily


U: no no the designer will be very happy

N: won’t you be impressed by Monster Hunter and all those, because of the scenery 

U: definitely will feel that “woah it’s amazing!”, but…won’t use binoculars like Nakamaru kun did (laughs)

N: the difficulty is different! PSP’s MAX and PS3’s MAX are totally different. When playing PSP will probably feel “woahh, amazing!”, for PS’ current images I’ll use binoculars to view. (lol i’ve absolutely no idea what they’re talking about)

U: but when I’m looking FF’s and all those amazing graphics I already feel that they are not games already. Even so I won’t reach the stage of using binoculars to view them! Let’s gather that (laughs)

N: about?

U: people who use binoculars to view background images (laughs)

N: ah that? the players

U: definitely won’t have any replies (laughs)

N: basically let’s gather and see

U: basically (laughs)

N: I’ve gathered those who are impressed by background images, Ueda kun do you want to gather anything?

U: now?

N: basically things that suddenly pop up in your mind

U: interesting games? like those played during friendly gatherings, any interesting games recently. like those played by college students, not that I want to do anything, just that those that seem fun (laughs)

N: recommended games?

U: games, can be played by everyone, 4 to 5 people

N: a lot ne

U: not TV games, but party games…like those that college students play to get high

N: ahh..that seems not bad

U: want to hear more about it

N: please send in mails

U: hai

[Mail One KAT-TUN]

[Please listen to my troubles, it’s that the hood of a hoodie is very hard to dry. I like hoodies hence I have many of them, but when washing then the hoods are very hard to dry. Other parts are dried already but only the inner part of the hood is not. (N: Laughs U: what’s wrong) To dry the hood you’ll have to dry the inner part then the outer part, is there any way that makes it easier to dry the hood? Please give me some advice]

N: sorry the reason why I laughed is because I feel that there are absolutely people with the same troubles

U: with you?

N: uh

U: ehh

N: yup recently I’ve washed a parka, even though I’ve dried it, the inner part won’t dry! No matter how I dry it the inner part of the parka can’t be dried!

U: ohh

N: what should I do?

U: why not just use a clothes dryer

N: if don’t use the dryer method?

U: dryer… (hmm the 2 terms he used are different in japanese, but they both dryer in english)

N: so there isn’t any other method?

U: don’t think so because it’ll be very troublesome, why not ask mother? (laughs)

N: ahh..that is the answer to the listener right


U: yup yup

N: ask your mother

U: isn’t that the fastest..we..truthfully speaking..

N: don’t have such knowledge

U: furthermore we’re guys

N: that’s right! I’m concerned about that too i shall ask my mother

U:  (laughs)

N: btw Ueda kun is wearing hoodie today

U: yup…my house, you’ll need to dry it outside

N: can’t use dryer?

U: yup can’t

N: but, hiding it is not okay rightt? for instance at the veranda won’t there be fences which are as tall as chest level?

U: ah…that’s right..the sun won’t be able to dry the bottom

N: uh so according to the timing the sun will rise

U: ah that’s right that’s right, indeed won’t be able to see the bottom outside

N: the hood…in short just ask your mother

U: ask your mother

N: that’s all

U: uhh

[After reflecting ending corner]

[Vegeta (Dragon ball) playing bowling and after it was thrown the ball got spoilt]

U: ahh i see

N: ahh..nostalgic neh..but if send it out now won’t have the confidence of it being used right?

U: now…it might be used too you can’t be sure, that’s what I think


N: maa..that’s right

U: think about it, you can try it

N: Gavas?

U: why not just talk about it when being interviewed by Famitsu? let it be published like this

N: ah..but won’t the other party feel a bit awkward.  (i think that) it’s interesting but lame

U: so you must say that the picture is lame


N: “this is very lame” probably won’t be able to say such sentence

U: what will the staff’s reaction be

N: ma..shall .think about it 

U: uhh

N: then see you next week, next week yoroshiku

U&N: onegaishimasu

Posted on April 21, 2011

[Translation] Ueda Manual.54

credits to: nono96 of kt_newsinfo community


Recently, I am  thinking of steadily participating in boxing events

First, at the beginning 

The airboxing C-class license

It was recommended that
I take the exam as a team member at Kourakuen-Hall 

The contents is

Shadowboxing and

competition boxing (?対戦ボクシング) at a distance where one can’t be hit by the opponent 

If it were an actual distance could it be a clean hit or could the defense be reliable? Speed, stamina, sense of rhythm

and so on

It was an examination content that was evaluated by many Japanese champions of pro-boxing, Orient champions and world champions 


In reality, I who does practical fights to practice (sparring) [?]

do have reserves [of strength] (・∀・) 

When I thought that during the exam

The result was…

of course a success!    (・∀・)     

To the column of my qualifications of car license and bookkeeping 

I added the airboxing C-class license 

When I appear in a tournament and gain victory several times, it seems I will advance to B-class or A-class

I was told by the trainer

"Participate in tournaments and bring me the champions belt 


Of course
I (・∀・) 

In reality, because I like the feeling of tension when fighting

I aim next for a sparring tournament and am thinking whether  I can follow Shizu-chan [Yamasaki Shizuyo] from Nankai Candys [comedy duo] 

Furthermore, recently

I picked up a Shetland (Sheepdog) that had been abused at the hardware store and thrown away in the riverbed   

It’s also very cute  

When I sent mails with pictures to my friends

"I want to pet it 

"Sweet devil~   

"I want to bite its butt     

I received those and other happy thoughts

I am raising it in a good mood   

The other members of KAT-TUN are also keeping dogs and because I could see them many times…

Nakamaru-kun’s dogs…

they look like mops    (・∀・) 

manual provider: koichitanjyobi

Posted on April 13, 2011

Koki’s long manual translation

credits to: l3in8 of kattunlove community for her hardwork!

Hi everyone, I’m Tanaka Koki.
Thank you for your participation at Marching J while ago. 
I am happy with your concern.
I think there will be some people upset themselves for not capable do anything.
I am upset too, until now…
However I think the most important is concern/mind 
100 yen or even 1 second
The things that unforgettable, the things that we miss
I believe our concern or action will become greater and we will manage to deliver ir.
I think it’s not the support, it’s our kindness.
Let’s us enlarge our kindness!

Is that alright that I’m not Koki Sama, just a normal Koki Tanaka today?
A while ago, I was bringing Sakura and Kaminari for trimming and lunch.
I was stunned when I was coming out from the car park.
The view of the sakura was breath taking! 
I’ve changed my plan and went for a walk for an hour
I was thinking a lot of things

My job is Idol
I am proud of myself for being vocation
However, what is Idol suppose to do?
To act cool?
To sing?
To dance?
To talk?
To act?

It’s seems that but it’s not quite right
I was thinking while walking and came out a self-conclusion
To bring the laughter/ smile to important people.

Although I have said numerous times that I was saved because of all of your support 
However it is unfair in the world
There are some people laughing, there are some people crying too
I hope I can bring the laughter to everyone, even though for one extra person.
But, there are many people are suffering now and also working hard
I am upset and anxiety for my helpless
By looking at sakura, that reminds me that I have mentioned in my old manuals
"God will not create insurmountable wall"
I believe we all can go through this time!
After the hard time, I believe we can have the largest smile ever!!
Bad things won’t happen continuously…

I think it’s not really “All for one”, 
It is “ It has been all for one” 
We are connected because of all you being the middle of KAT-TUN. 
We will only smile, when all of you are smiling

*Koki~~~ We are proud hyphens~~~~~**

So, no matter what happens, I will smile and also bringing you smiles.
Even though I was making fun on myself, I hope I can bring the smiles to everyone.
I am not talking about other science fiction
It’s all about the same earth, the same country
Expand the circle of kindness!
Expand the circle of smiles!

What goes around comes around 
Being bad to someone, you will get retribution
No matter what happens, sakura is still blooming, the sky is still blue
If the bad person tends to come out, let him be 
** I actually not too sure the real meaning is- Gomen m__m!**

Head up,
For your calling, here I come!! Ja ja ja ja~~~
It’s me! **He has turned to be Koki Sama**
A sudden identity changes might cause confusion, but it’s just for one night
Don’t think too much, just follow me!

It’s out of sudden, a while ago, we are….
Celebrating 10 years anniversary of KAT-TUN!!!
It’s awesome!!!
Being together for 10 years just like a childhood friend!
I sent out the congratulation messages to everyone but only Nakamaru came back with weird photos!
He must hate me!
But, who cares?
Since I have your companion!
Then, I need to let you know…
I have a new member in my house!
ボウシインコのカーネルです. (It is a parrot)
I wanted to get myself a bird. After a discussion with the vet and what a coincidence there is a bird for me.
I don’t know what to call for the pet name, so I called himカーネル (Kaaneru)

He likes to talk!!!! I am healed!
He can say “Good morning” and “Bye Bye”
A while ago, he was saying “カイタカイター” (Write, write), then I approached him and asked “ What did you write?” 
Then he relied “Nothing” 
I was fooled by him!
He even asked me playfully “ You’re noisy! …Do you want to see me?”
He is smart, isn’t he?
I need to be smart too!

I played a comedian’s DVD, he can even intimidate the laughter and kept laughing!
He also likes to sing too! He always sings Stevie Wonder’s songs!
What a little cutie!

Maybe a while later, I would like to get him to stand on my shoulder and have a walk together.
My family is getting bigger, I think it’s time to open a zoo? (smile)
I will be staying at home for a while.

Let’s change a topic.
Recently, I like to eat home made onion slices and beans everyday.
Slice off the onions and put the water over it.
After a while, dry it out and put over the dried bonito flakes 
It can take away the smell of spiciness and bitterness 
It’s crispy and tasty!
Although the beans are the frozen bean but it is my daily routine to have it before the sleep.
I am having it while watching DVD
It’s my recommendation!

Again, I have written a very long entry today.
I would like to let you know that I will be having solo activities soon.
Please take note!

Everyone’s favourite “へへーん”
It makes you heart beats, hey?
I won’t let you know that easily

My self comment is in **
I cannot really translate some sentences, so here are the sentences that I have translated

What goes around comes around 

A sudden identity change might cause confusion, but it’s just for one night


Posted on April 6, 2011

[Translation] Junno manual.54

credits to: nono96 of kt_newsinfo community

Junnosuke Taguchi

My heartfelt and deepest sympathy to the victims of the recent big earthquake in East Japan. 

On that day, I was recording in a studio in Tokyo.
There were so far unfelt sudden big tremors and I almost lost my composure, but somehow I moved to a safe place, and waited for it to calm down. 

When I turned on the TV, the magnitude in Tokyo was 5 and at the epicentre over 8.
I didn’t believe my eyes.

I saw the largeness of the tremors that cameras of local TV-station captured, and was absolutely stunned.

Gradually I thought I calmed down a little and resumed the recording, but aftershocks happened, I felt uneasy and after the recoding ended I returned home at once.

After that thinking what to do, I again watched TV, and I thought the situation became something unbelievable and it’s not somebody else’s problem.
However, it’s also impossible to jump up and help immediately, and I flung that anxiousness/ impatientness at the KAT-TUN members. 

Even though at once I can do nothing, but I can definitely do assistance activities. 

And then, recently “Marching J” was done by all Johnnys together. Many people participated and I felt a tightness in my chest.
This project has only begun, but if with this as a starting point the circle of support, and the bond in Japan expands I will be happy.
I don’t have skills that are directly helpful [to the disaster], but with fans who are supporting me if our feelings could become one, we will be able to help in various ways.
Please everyone lend your strength. 

Even if it’s just a little, I will also do my best to cheer you on.

And then, I want just a little to convey to a lot of people your raw/live voice. 
Because anything is OK, please send it to the radio. 

Nippon Broadcasting KAT-TUN Style 
Ever week Monday to Thursday.
For 10 minutes starting at 23:50.

It’s a short time, but if you listen to it I will be happy.

And then,
"Inu wo kau to iu koto  ”
Broadcasting starts this month from the 15th 
It’s a really heart-warming family story. Please watch it by all means
I play a 29 year old doctor 
I appear in the role of Hotta Katsuhiko 

On the 16th is the “Galileo Nouken 2 Hour SP”.
It’s an anime special 
I will talk about a liked anime and an anecdote (If it’s used [for broadcasting]…)
Please also watch this 

This became long, thank you for reading. 
I think when all become one we can overcome it.
Let’s move forward together. 

Thank you [info]makiyo21[info]kytez, and [info]black_rose45000.

Manual provider: koichitanjyobi

Posted on April 3, 2011

Kame being embarrassed in one of Cartoon KATTUN episode

In one of the episodes of Cartoon KATTUN

*Kame, Ueda, Maru, and guest plays cards*

Kame: Nakamaru! I told you, you should have put the pair kings down.

*A female guest enters impersonating Kame*

KI (Kame’s imitator): Excuse me.

Kame: Huh?

Ueda: Who?

KI: Everyone…

Kame: Who is this!? Who?!

Ueda: I’ve never seen this person

KI: You don’t know me? (She used the masculine form for “me”)

Maru: Who are you?

Kame: Eh? Me?

Ueda: Who?

KI: Kamenashi

*Kame made a surprised reaction*

KI: I’m Kamenashi

Maru: I think I’ve seen this costume before

Ueda: Yeah

Maru: It’s like this!

KI: Really…It’s Really me.

Kame: Hang on, this part isn’t in the script, right?

KI: I choose a fun MC that you did (talking to kame)

Kame: What??!! What??!!

KI: Watch carefully

* Kame’s MC part shows up their 2005 Live performance*

Kame:Let’s go Yokohama!

Commentator: This is what the so-called Kamenashi from KAT-TUN performed

years ago at the Yokohama Arena. She (kame’s imitator) seems to want to 

AIR this embarrassing MC.This should be fun.

*Goes back to Kame’s imitator*

KI: lip syncs Kame’s part on Real Face

Ueda: It’s the real thing

Maru: Really cool.

Ueda: This is shocking

Kame: Hold on..

*KI starts the MC part*

KI: Hi. (speaks in English)

*crowd screams*

Maru: It’s that part! This is so embarrasing!

KI: My name is MC Kame.(speaks in English)

*crowd screams again*

KI: Let’s go, Yokohama!

Maru: This si the worst.

KI: Say Chuka! [Chinese]

Ah you’re not loud enough

*A small screen shows Maru and Junno laughing at Kame*

KI: when I say Chuka, you must repeat after me. Please!

Maru: This is really to horrible. It was a complete failure

KI: Say Chuka!

crowd: Chuka!

KI: Say Chuka!

crowd: Chuka!

KI: Say Renga! [Renga= Bricks (yokohama has a famous red brick warehouse)]

crowd: Renga!

KI: Say Renga!

crowd: Renga!

Guest: This is terrible!

KI: *coughs* Thank you!

*Kame’s speechless*

Posted on March 30, 2011

[Translation] kame manual.54 + message

Kazuya Kamenashi
Manual.54 + Message (2011.03.29)

[Kame included a separate message in his manual.]


Everyone suffering from the earthquake in East Japan you have my heartfelt and deepest sympathy.

Now is the time to become one.

O n e     f o r     a l l

A l l     f o r     o n e

No matter what happens, god does not give trials that can not be overcome.

I, myself, remember these words in times of worry and pain.

I think it will be still harder, problems will also be huge, it might be a long battle.

But, we can certainly overcome it.

We will certainly not lose.

One step at a time.


Without forgetting to smile.

We should move forward together.

In Japan,


Around the world

Everyone are comrades!!

Our hearts are one.

N E V E R     G I V E     U P
                                     Kamenashi Kazuya


Spring has gradually come closer, right? 

Are you all right with hay fever? 

For me it seem to have its debut this year 

I don’t want to admit it (*laughs*)

This week is Music Station 

We will perform the new song for the first time  
We will dance a lot   

Somehow I am already nervous  

We welcome the 5th anniversary of the debut 

clap clap  

The first music show   

Look forward to it   

manual provider: koichitanjyobi

credits to: nono96

Posted on March 27, 2011

Kazuya Kamenashi TV Interview (translation) オリ☆スタ(Ori-suta) 28/03/2011, No12-1582

Kazuya Kamenashi will take on the job as Nihon TV’s live “Baseball special supporter”.  He talked to us about his childhood baseball dreams.

Q: Congratulations on being selected as Nihon TV’s “Dramatic Game 1844″ baseball special supporter, and getting the chance to be a live guest at pretty much every game!

K(amenashi): I was surprised and happy to get a job doing something I’ve watched since primary school.

Q: Getting straight into it, what do you want to do or what do you think about it?

K: I’m not reporting about what’s going on nor am I a commentator.  I can’t predict the pennant race like Suguru Ekawa-san, but I can talk about what’s so great about the game from the point-of-view of someone who watches the game on TV, and I hope I can give people a taste of what players and coaches go through behind the scenes.  I’ve had surprises in “Going!  Sports & News” where I got to experience things I’d never seen or heard of before.  Things like hitting a home run; it looks amazing, but there’s so much training involved and people supporting you behind the scenes until you get it right.  I’d never had the chance to see that in action so it’s had a lasting impression on me.

Q: Do you want to channel that experience into your new job?

K: I’d like to be able to put words to what I’ve experienced, what I’ve seen, but I also want to be able to communicate with the crowd that comes to the game.

Q: I think a lot of fans would want to come the baseball stadium too.

K: I think being able to see it with your own eyes, and to feel the atmosphere in the baseball stadium is one of the many great things about this sport.  When I got to go to a real game when I was little, I remember putting on the wristband I’d been given and cheering on my team.  My most memorable moment was when I realised I was surrounded by people I didn’t know, but everyone was cheering for the same team so it felt like we were one.

Q: Do you remember the first live game you went to?

K: I do.  I went with my dad.  We were right at the top of the second floor in Tokyo Dome, and I remember going, ‘wow’ (laughs).  Then the train ride home was so packed.  I was still small then so my dad had thought it through and he lead me to the front of the carriage where there’s a little more space and he used his body as a safety guard to protect me.  I remember going, ‘hey dad’. (laughs)

Q: What’s good about watching baseball on TV?

K: The best thing about TV is that everything’s in detail.  There’s drama you can only watch on TV,  like seeing how a player feels by looking right at their face.  You don’t have the distance you get in a stadium and the TV gives you more depth.  Obviously the game’s important, but you also get to watch the the entire drama unfolding between the two teams.

Q: What do you think is the best way to enjoy baseball, Kamenashi-san?

K: The first thing is to get a favourite team or player and support them, that’s all you need to start loving the game.  There are a lot of rules in baseball, but I think you can pick them up easily as you go.  One of the things I’ve learnt while doing my TV show reporting was that the game’s direction can change in an instant, and that’s really exciting.  Like watching a team losing by 10 – 0 and in the ninth inning with two outs turn things around and hold on to win the game.  I hope people can watch out for moments like that.

Q: Kamenashi-san, what got you into baseball?

K: When I was little, I remember seeing my dad watching baseball on the TV, and that’s when I first learnt about baseball.  Then I got interested in it, started following players like Ichiro or Hideki Matsui, and dreamt about becoming like them.  I didn’t sit down and learn the whole rule book, I watched it and started to catch on things about the game.  Then I’d start asking myself all these questions.  I hope I can bring things like that up, stand up for the fans, and get my message across without forgetting where it had all started for me.

Q: I’ve heard that the theme song “DIAMOND” by KAT-TUN was chosen because it’s a song about the diamond base in baseball and about the strong bond in a team?

K: It was surprising enough that I’d been chosen as their live guest supporter, but it was unbelievable when I heard they were going to use a song I sing as well.  We’re still making it, but it’s going to be the perfect song for “Dramatic Game” and I’m going to work hard at recording it.

Q: Is it true you’ll get your own report “Kazuya Kamenashi’s baseball supporter’s club”, and be able to invite a baseball-loving guest to the commentator’s box?

K: I’ll be bringing in fans who loves baseball, fans who love it but don’t really know too much…..I think depending on what guest we have, it’ll change the angle of the game.

Q: Who do you want to invite?

K: This is someone close to me, but if I could choose it would be (Yuichi) Nakamaru.  We’ve actually been to a game at Tokyo Dome together once.  He loves baseball too.  Maybe it’s just me, but I think he’d make the game interesting.  It’d be cool to watch it with him and teach him a lot of things about the game as it goes. (laughs)

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[Translation] K’s by K’s 20110325

Kame ari? Kame nashi? – Corner where Kame decides whether a type of girl is to his liking or not.

Yu-chan from Gifu-ken: "I like to bite on my straws. Is this type of girl, Kame ari, or Kame nashi?"

Kame: Kame ari.

I am not sure whether I should say whether I like it, but I myself have a habit of biting things. Like biting on paper cups and flattening them out. I wonder what this means, from a psychological point of view. Also, biting on the end of pencils when I’m in junior high, the “Shh, shh” sounds that the wood makes… I wonder if there is a meaning to that. And touching my teeth with my finger… I wonder if it means I was a child who cannot keep calm?

I guess, rather than asking whether is this type of girl to my liking, this is something that I do myself, so I can’t say that it’s not to my liking. I think it’s a habit that one has to kick when one grows up, but when I have the time I still end up biting paper cups.

Mail corner
Rimi-chan from Saitama-ken: During Physical Education class in school, we played basketball, I hurt my hand while reaching out for the ball. Because it hurt so much, I went to the hospital, and was told that recovery will take 3 weeks. 

Right now, I am attending a school which specializes in music. One of the things we learn in school is the flute, and to not be able to play the flute for three weeks is something that I am unable to accept. Kame-chan, what should I do to be able to accept this fact?

Kame: Well, when you’re injured, you should not force yourself, and more than that, if it aggravates the injury it doesn’t help, either. You may have to accept the current situation and understand it yourself. Perhaps you can’t use your fingers much right now, but maybe you can work on your lung capacity, things like that. There is definitely something else that you can do, so please look out for that.

Misaki-chan from Yamagata-ken: I have something that I want to ask for advice on from Kame-chan. I am in 1st year in junior high, and a member of the Kendo club. When training ends, and I remove my mask and gloves, there is a very peculiar smell – to put it simply, it stinks. I cannot help but be bothered by it.

Right now there is someone that I like. There are times when we hang out after club activities end, no matter how much I wash my body and my hands, the smell doesn’t go away. My friends tell me, “It’s alright!”, but what would the boys think? Kame-chan, please let me know what you think.

Kame: I was also part of the Judo club when I was 1st year of junior high. There wasn’t a baseball club at school, so I ended up joining the normal baseball team, because there was always baseball matches on Sundays, I couldn’t really take part in club activities. Because I couldn’t participate in competitions and stuff.

So I talked to the school about it, and my brother, who was in the Judo club, suggested that I join the Kendo club in name, so I did in my first year in junior high. Everyone in the club would only bring their Judo gear back home once a week. But I couldn’t stand it, really, the peculiar smell. So that’s why, I ended up bringing mine home every day, to be washed.

But this is in junior high. When you have grown up, you understand the circumstances, so it doesn’t really matter much, and the me right now, I think it really didn’t matter much. But in first year of junior high, it makes sense to be bothered by this kinda things, be it for a guy or a girl.

If that’s the case… Right now, there are those things that you can spray (he uses the onomatopoeia “Shu~ Shu~” XD) on your clothes to get rid of the smell, aren’t there? When I was in junior high, those things weren’t so popular yet. It would’ve been good if I was able to use those things and close the gap. Like, when you practice Kendo, you get all sweaty and stuff, but once you change back into your normal clothes, you get back your clean feeling.

Work hard, get rid of that smell! I hope you can do it.

Kana-chan from Kanagawa-ken: There is someone I like right now, but I am being used by that person to do various things. I do it for him because I like him, but in actual fact, I don’t like being used like that. What do you thing I should do?

Kame: What is the meaning of this? Someone at 16 years old being made to do things for something else. High schooler? What, like, “Kana, go and buy me some juice.” “Ok~?” This is like the domineering husband *laughs*

I think it is very likely that, this guy knows that Kana-chan likes him, doesn’t he? Because of that, he might be thinking, “You’ll do it anyway, because you like me, right?” It’s better if you tell him directly that you don’t like it. Un. 

If he says “What, why, do it”, you should tell him, “No way, do it yourself. Why do I have to do it for you?”, and from there, maybe something else might come out of it…

Aponashi Goukaku Omedetou Telephone - Corner where Kame calls listeners (lit. without an appointment) to congratulate them on getting into the school they are aiming for.

Ayakame-chan from Gunma-ken

Ayakame: Yes?

Kame: Hello.

Ayakame: Yes?

Kame: This is Kamenashi Kazuya!

Ayakame: Eh?!

Kame: Congratulations on your acceptance!

Ayakame: Eh, eh? Really?! Wait a minute…

Kame: Will you become a make-up artist?

Ayakame: Yes. I will become a hair and make-up, that..

Kame: That’s amazing.

Ayakame: Eh, what should I do? I’m moving house right now~

Kame: Moving house? Why?

Ayakame: I’m in the middle of the move right now.. Eh, no way! Cool. Oh no…

Kame: How is it, becoming a student at a specialty school?

Ayakame: Somehow, I’m really looking forward to it, but at the same time, it’s going to be tough, depending.

Kame: But this is something you want to do, right?

Ayakame: Yes, it is.

Kame: So this is like, the first step to what you want to do, isn’t it? It should be something exciting.

Ayakame: Maa, I guess I am looking forward to it.

Kame: Un.

Ayakame: Ano, actually, I have a dream.

Kame: Un.

Ayakame: Ano, becoming Kamenashi-kun’s hair and make-up artist, now, having received this call, eh what? Erm, when I arrive at Kamenashi-kun’s place, this call came. Can I say that? (she’s not making sense – I tried my best XD)

Kame: Sure.

Ayakame: Eh, yabai yabai yabai! Right now, I am on the phone with Kamenashi. (Background: Eh~!)

Kame: Did you just address me without honorifics?!

Ayakame: Ah, sorry sorry, Kazuya, Kazuya! Kazuya-san, Kazuya-san, Kazuya-san! *laughs*

Kame: Hahaha. When you become my hair and make-up artist, you won’t be able to address me as Kamenashi without the honorifics.

Ayakame: Ah, sorry! Then, is it okay if I address you as Kazuya?

Kame: Sure.

Ayakame: Yay! This is really yabai.

Kame: I see. But really, there is such a possibility. So, may you fulfill your dream of being a make-up artist.

Ayakame: I will do my best.

Kame: Un. I am really particular about my eyebrows~

Ayakame: Ah, your eyebrows are really nice. 

Kame: Iya, I don’t do them myself, but when they draw them on, even with my eyes closed I can feel it. I’ll be like, “Ah, make them slightly longer”, something like that. *laughs*

Ayakame: Hahaha. Yabai.

Kame: But still, do your best!

Ayakame: I will. Thank you!

Azumi-chan from Kanagawa-ken

Azumi: Hello.

Kame: Azumi-chan?

Azumi: Eh, who is this?

Kame: Congratulations on your acceptance into high school!

Azumi: Eh, who who who?

Kame: This is Kamenashi Kazuya.

Azumi: Eh, no way~!

Kame: What are you doing right now?

Azumi: Eh, I’m reading a magazine right now.

Kame: What magazine are you reading?

Azumi: I was standing in a bookstore and reading. Standing in a bookstore and reading.

Kame: What were you reading?

Azumi: Fashion magazine.

Kame: You were standing in a bookstore and reading a fashion magazine? *laughs*

Azumi: Yup. But the magazines with you in them, they are all sealed up so I can’t see.

Kame: Fufufufu.

Azumi: Yabai yabai yabai.

Kame: Congratulations!

Azumi: Yabai. Thank you! I’m so happy!

Kame: How is it, high school? Did you manage to get into the school you want?

Azumi: Yes. Ah, but I didn’t really manage to get into the one I really wanted. But, but, ah, what should I do?

Kame: Isn’t that great, being a high schooler. What about your school uniform?

Azumi: School uniform? It’s a little weird.

Kame: Your school uniform is weird? *laughs*

Azumi: It’s weird, but it’s cute.

Kame: That’s good, isn’t it?

Azumi: Then, I’ll wear it to the concert.

Kame: Ah, yes, please do that. But, isn’t the school uniform really important when you chose the school to go to?

Azumi: Ah, I was really concerned by that, at first.

Kame: Right! Me too, when I was taking the exam for my high school, I was like, “Ah, I want to wear this uniform~”, and chose the schools based on that.

Azumi: Did you take the exam?

Kame: Un, but I didn’t manage to get in.

Azumi: Same here *laughs* Eh, what should I do? I don’t even know if I can speak Japanese right now.

Kame: You are speaking it, you are speaking it just fine. It’s okay! *laughs* If you don’t know whether you can speak Japanese, then, you can speak English, too~

Azumi: Eh, eh, no way. It will be nonsense.

Kame: Ah, really~ *laughs* But hey, an exciting high school life is waiting for you, so be prepared for it!

Azumi: Yes, I will do my best!

Kame: Yes, do your best!

Azumi: Eh, hold on, what should I do….

Kame: Till then. If there is anything, do drop me a mail.

Azumi: I will. After school starts, I will write to you again!

Kame: I am looking forward to that.

Azumi: Please do your best at work!

Kame: Thank you. Till then!

Azumi: Okay.

Kame: Oka~~y.

Azumi: Bye bye.

Kame: Okay.


credits to the translator:  rindiggfelt

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[Trans] Popolo 2011.01 : KAT-TUN (Partly)

More KT answers to giggle at. :D


1.) When traveling, who do you want to share the same hotel room with ?

"Taguchi". Eversince we were juniors, we’ve often shared the same room.  But above all, Taguchi can keep the room clean and he always brings a shampoo.   I used it without telling him several times (Laughs). 

2.) If you have to go to a desert island, who do you wanna go with ?

For me , no matter what I do, I always have strategies.   Another one should probably be “Nakamaru”.   No matter what’d happen to me, if I could put my letter of will in Nakamaru’s charge.  If it’s that guy, he seems to be firm enough to be able to continue surviving (Laughs).


1.) When traveling, who do you want to share the same hotel room with ?

Certainly the person who keeps clean, so probably “Nakamaru”.   I usually get told that I’m ‘my pace’ type too.  To get all the clutters, I wouldn’t be able to stand that.  Just at that. Because I can get anxious easily.

2.) If you have to go to a desert island, who do you wanna go with ?

"Koki" To live together (with him) would likely to be so much fun (Laughs).   For something like a desert island, it’d better to keep having fun, huh?    I wanna play Survival game with him.


1.) When traveling, who do you want to share the same hotel room with ?

"Kame".  That guy is the deligent type.   For example, if I feel that I might not be able to wake up early and I’m worried, I can tell that guy "Tomorrow, wake me up" and it seems that he would just answer "Ok. Understood!" (Laughs).

2.) If you have to go to a desert island, who do you wanna go with ?

"Kame".  The reason is that he’s implorable.  Like if I told him "I can’t light a fire", he would tell "Got it. (I’ll do it)"   But if it was Ueda, there’s a tendency that it would be me who does it for him (Laughs).


1.) When traveling, who do you want to share the same hotel room with ?

For me, I’d rather stay alone (Laughs).  To go abroad, first of all there would be a time-different and a jet lag problem so I would need to sleep as tight as possible.   And I prefer a western style room.   But if it’s at the onsen hotel, I can stay at traditional Tatami room too.

2.) If you have to go to a desert island, who do you wanna go with ?

Of couse, it must be “Nakamaru-kun”.  Because we are “people of the same age”, nothing must to beware.  And he has the aura of mercy/helpful (Laughs). (‘Cuz) it’s even the island with no one else.  Of course, I would never abandon my mobile phone (Laughs).


1.) When traveling, who do you want to share the same hotel room with ?

Actually, I’m ok with anyone.  I think somehow other members likely to answer the same.  (Murasaki : Obviously not…LOL)  Everyone is reliable. Although we used to bully each other sometimes, but I think now we don’t do that anymore (Laughs).

2.) If you have to go to a desert island, who do you wanna go with ?

This is a tough question. Can’t I go alone ?   Have to go with someone ?  Then “Taguchi”, ‘cause being that guy I can be care-free (Laughs) and moreover, he loves the cleanness.

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